A Savvy Gent

 The first post is always the most difficult, and often most obscure – just embarking upon this adventure, we’re not really writing to anyone at this moment in time. Until the first reader visits us and sets off our view count, we’re just talking to ourselves right now, which is quite funny to consider.

Our names seem like a good place to start off: in the image above, you’re looking at Akash on the left and Naz on the right. We’ve been good friends for a few years, have many of the same interests and share similar styles. It wasn’t until a few months ago that we decided to do something completely out of our comfort zone and start an online blog to show our lifestyle, our fashion sense and our travels (and believe us – we love to travel!)

When asked what we wish to gain from this blog, our answer is inspiration. We wish to inspire and to be inspired. We are by no means fashion icons (yes, we can dream) but if one person decides to go out and buy something as small as a cufflink because they’ve got the inspiration from our blog, this will all have been worth it.

Enjoy the blog, have a great day and stay savvy!