When In Rome


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The weather in England of late has become evocative of what good old Blighty is known for, unpredictability. Although summer is officially over, we felt like we could cheat the rain little and fly over to sun soaked Italy! And thats where we begin…

We spent just over a week in Rome and couldn’t possibly fit all the photos into one post. So we’ve decided to split the photos up over the next 2 weeks.

The locations for the first shoots were the Giardino Degli Aranci (Orange Gardens), which was planned & a small courtyard area which we stumbled upon by accident. And that’s the beauty of Rome, theres a hidden gem behind every corner!  The gardens were sculpted by the architect Raffael De Vico and were made to be beautiful and overlook the city in style.

The Buildings in Rome are identical in pastel pallets so it leaves room for endless creativity when choosing outfits … Let’s talk mustard shirt. Upon walking through ‘la bellezza che è Roma’ you’ll  notice the buildings replicate that favoured sauce on your hot dogs and what better way to embrace the city than to blend in with it. Invisibility most certainly isn’t fashion but to contrast is a definitive aspect of it, Navy Blue? Mustard? personally, we think it works. 

The cliché in the other half of ASG’s outfit is that the tie literally ties everything in together. This particular outfit reflects the colours that really stand out in the city (the white buildings, the greys of the monuments and churches)

We hope you guys enjoy our Rome posts, we’ll have the next post up in a couple of days and trust us theres A LOT to come, we have some great ideas for the future.

Have a great day and stay savvy!