Act I Scene II



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What we’re wearing: Akash – River Island 3 piece (Blazer , Trousers Waistcoat) , River Island Driving Shoes , Frank Tailor Tie

Naz – Next Blazer , Pulp Jeans, Next Tie

This is part ‘due’ of our ventures around the capital, which unsurprisingly consisted of walking, lovely food and the scorching sun, but who’s complaining?  

It is unbelievable the vast array of sights that a tourist walking around Rome can stumble upon. You can get lost in the side streets and all of a sudden be looking at a historical monument which has stood for over a thousand years. With this in mind our theme, when shooting, became about the unexpected and the spontaneous.

The outfits were inspired by casual Italian street style (which due to it being Italian is obviously suave suave and some more suave) we love how something so formal as wearing a suit or blazer is so casual in Italy. Word of advice though, heat and suits don’t mix, boy was it a hot day!

We ended up at the Santa Maria di Loreto church which is absolutely breath-taking and for any visitors of Rome it is definitely a must see! and If you happen to be near the church feel free to check out the rooftop bar in the Hotel Forum next to it. The drinks are by no means ‘free’ though, quite the opposite actually because the average price for a drink was pretty steep! don’t worry there is a silver lining, as you can see from our photos the bar offers a spectacular panoramic view of Roma!! Almost makes the price for the drinks worth it…almost.

That’s it for part two. Have a great day and stay savvy!