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What we’re wearing: AkashJumper by Goodsouls , Trouser by River Island , Shoes by Jeffery West , Glasses by Reclaimed Vintage , Watch by Daniel Wellington , Satchel by Quadra

NazJumper by Next (similar) , Trousers by Next (similar) , Watch by BlinkTime , Fedora by Accessoryo (similar)

In the penultimate episode of our visit to Rome we decided to visit the Vatican City! The thing is…we kind of forgot to buy tickets. So we didn’t get to see the museums that day, but don’t worry we remembered to buy tickets after and got to see them a couple days later and we’ll show you the photos in our next post!

Despite not being able to do much without tickets and waiting in long queues we thought we’d still get some blog photos done. We decided to ditch the blazers and go lightweight because we had a lot of walking to do and it was scorching hot. We wanted to be comfortable yet stylish so thought shirts, jumpers, trousers and shoes were the way to go.

The colours were a bit more spontaneous especially with Akash’s outfit who’s wearing a tobacco jumper with light blue trousers. I’m sure people will have mixed opinions but thats what fashion is about right? With less on it was a great way to show our accessories without feeling too ‘heavy’. Akash is wearing a grey canvas satchel which we carried for the whole trip as it had our camera, passports and money in. We thought it deserved a place in our blog because is was so handy and it doesn’t look half bad either! The cobalt fedora Naz is wearing comes from a company called Accessoryo.

Accessoryo is a great site which as its name suggests.. sells accessories and at very affordable prices. You can visit their site here . They have everything from fedoras to scarves to sunglasses and we’ve been huge fans of theirs for while so you’ll be seeing a lot more of their accessories in our future posts.

To conclude our trip to Rome we’ll be doing something different in our next post. We’ll be posting a photo diary of the whole trip and advising you what to see and where to eat if you’re planning a trip there. We promise not to make it super long, so we’ll just choose the best photos for the post. So thats it for post number 3!

Have a great day and stay savvy!