Rome Photo Diary


We’ve eaten pasta, we’ve worn pastel and delved in to the captivating culture that Rome has to offer. Unfortunately our trip in Roma must come to a conclusion, but due to the beauty of the country there is a certain promise in the air of our prompt return.

When in Italy one is most certainly aware food is off the apex essence however, where do you start….?

Ristorante Romantica in Emanuele Filiberto would be an excellent choice for you to start your taste bud expedition. The waiters/waitresses are just like the food, exquisite. Upon walking in to the restaurant you can see a selection of fresh fish and a compilation of Roman/Arabic architecture which to our amazement is ever so graceful on the eye. If you do venture to Romantica (10 minute walk from the colosseo) we insist your choice of dish be from the sea.

If your criterion is incorporating a view with your dining experience then look no further than Royal Art Café… which just happens to be a stone’s throw away from the coliseum. The café is slightly pricier than the average ristorante in Rome however it is somewhat acceptable for the quality of the dishes (especially the carbonara) and the colossal historic monument that fills up your peripheral senses.

Honestly, we would absolutely adore to bless you with an insight in to places which you can visit to understand Italian culture but it truly is all around you, everywhere you travel. The Italians have done an amazing job in preserving the architecture their most famous ancestors have left behind but furthermore the architecture seems to coincide magnificently with the modern buildings they have built. We truly can’t express the amount of history there is in Rome, often we have just taken a stroll and come across monuments that have significant historical context. If your heart desires to venture out when the sun has fallen believe us you’re in for a surprise and a different city altogether. Monuments turn in to a light show, the streets glow as if candles replace the lights and the people of Rome get together with their choice of drink, wine.

Our advice would be to discover within yourself what really interests you about Italy or Rome then plan an itinerary because there is so much to see. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it cant be seen in one either. So give yourselves at least 4 days to see everything worth seeing.

‘Che talor cresce una beltà un bel manto’  -Ludovico Ariosto

It means fine clothes often make beauty still more beautiful and we sincerely hope we brought you one of the most breath taking cities in the world in that manner.