‘Orange Is The New Black’

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What I’m Wearing – Blazer by River Island , Chinos by Linea , Shirt by Zara , Tie (similar) , Waistcoat by River Island , Shoes by Jeffery West

People often ponder over the best attire for the unpredictable weather conditions that autumn can bring. Often referred to as the ‘hoodie season’, for us autumn is just another excuse to don well cut three-pieces, standout blazers, tailored overcoats and, of course, accessories.

Around this time of year, choosing the right colours for the drab ambience outside really can be a difficult task. There seems to be a strong tendency for people to dig out the darkest pieces of fabric in their wardrobe to tackle the season; and while that attitude will save you from looking like its 30° when it’s actually -2°, it puts you at risk of looking as dull as the weather. GQ on the other hand holds a different perspective on autumnal colours and we, for one, subscribe completely. ‘Orange is the new black’ is the quote, and we don’t think they were referring to the TV show. We have interpreted this as a suggestion for a new colour scheme this season; muted tones of bold colours.

The burnt-orange blazer pictured is made from a dense fabric well suited to the cold, and opens up endless options as far as layering an outfit goes without making you look like an overdue Halloween pumpkin. We’ve styled the blazer as part of a non-matching 3 piece, with a black double-breasted waistcoat, failsafe white shirt, deep red tie, burgundy chinos and dark tan shoes. By picking equally muted tones for all the pieces in the outfit it comes together and looks as though it was sold this way. The key to autumn dressing is to pick colours that are similar, rather than contrasting and create the contrast in the outfit by being selective with the shades of the colours you wear.

As we are students living in different cities, it can prove difficult to meet up for blog shoots; so please forgive us for not always featuring together and know that we always correspond during research to bring you variety with each post.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to you all for the support we have received; we truly can’t express how much it means to us.

Thank you all once again & remember, Stay Savvy….