Great Outdoors


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What we’re wearing: AkashPeacoat by ASOS , Jumper by Minimum , Trousers by Zara (similar) , Boots by New Look

NazDuffle Coat (similar) , Jeans by Monkee Genes , Scarf by Ark


First off, we owe you all an apology. The plan was to deliver you something to digest every week, unfortunately due to hectic schedules with exams and work neither of us could honour that. We all know how December and January seem to happen over a couple of weeks, as opposed to the expected eight. So starting February we have lined up a schedule that will allow for regular blog posts. We hope you’re excited, we certainly are.

Oh, and a Happy new year!

 In the meantime we give you a post we wanted to upload around the New Year, but due to adverse weather conditions it took us a while to get it completed. Nevertheless, we did. If the years’ first exam season being paired with icy cold weather wasn’t depressing enough, one problem lingers in everyone’s mind at this time of year (well, at least in ours); how do you dress for a hurricane?  We headed to the Peak District to embrace nature at its fullest and find out… 

 On to our outfits: Boots with ankle support are key if you plan to stay afloat in this terrain, we went with a pair of New Look Work Boots which are functional and hard-wearing, with the added benefit of being on trend forAW14/15 menswear. This time of year you’re going to dress to protect yourself from your surroundings, so why not embrace them by adding an earth inspired spectrum of colour to your outfit? The dark tan corduroy trousers have been turned up at the bottom for extra puddle clearance and not only keep you warm, but are complimentary to the dark greens of the British landscape.​ Pea coats allow you to incorporate the difficult combination of tailoring and warm clothing and this one being a deep navy forms a perfect symphony with the contrast of the cream ribbed roll neck. That sheep skin collar can always be turned up, offering a tad more warmth to your neck if you should require and a slight air of James Dean attitude regardless.

 On the other hand if the cold is your worst enemy and you wish to maintain warmth by covering your entire body, a simple duffle coat can differentiate you from the walking balls of wool all too common on the high street. Layers are known to be a delight that only winter can bring, and you can capture this with a thick nit jumper underneath a good quality scarf. Do not fear pairing a black item with navy, this is also on trend.

 This will be our first recorded year as a blog so we have big plans in store for the coming months. We can’t wait to give you beautiful outfits, created from classic garments, inspired by our travels to unique places. We hope you will enjoy it all with us.​