Sprouting To Life

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What we’re wearing : Akash — Blazer by Mango , Tousers by Zara (similar) , Waistcoat by River Island , Shoes by River Island , Tie by Accessoryo (alternative)                                                                              Naz — Blazer by Next (alternative by ASOS) , Trousers by Ted Baker , Shirt by Burton , Sweater Vest by Josbank

Hello and welcome to the build up to Spring. A season filled with the delights of, well, delights. Spring ensures more sun because of the fast approaching Equinox (March 21st) & of course this means more blog posts to come!

Unfortunately/Funny enough this weeks blog post poses as the ultimate irony to the introduction you’ve just read. 17mph winds with the combination of rain formed this new phenomena we’ve never experienced before… All angle rainfall. Yes, you heard right, rain from above, sometimes rain splashed up from below, however, our shoot was a success.

The outfits are embracing more of a formal nature so the location for the shoot was Harewood House, a beautiful grade 1 listed building which is amongst the top 10 treasured houses in England.

The outfits you see consist of layers that best embodies the terrain and colour scheme (according to Pantone) of Spring 2015. The Blazers consist of a deep and beautifully textured grey that hugs the shoulders just right, and a lucite green blazer. Too much grey can make outfits monotone, the medium-pink waistcoat with the blend of a white shirt really helps the outfit stand out.

Marsala seems to be on trend this season, it has an elegance reminiscent of red wine would you not agree? The trousers and shirt have been separated by a grey sweater vest which is a must buy piece of spring clothing and frankly AMAZING at keeping the heat in.

If any particular item caught your eye in this post it must be the dotted Accessoryo knitted tie. However, this tie may be out of season so an alternative has been linked. We adore this brand because they produce such creative accessories that work in unison with all our clothing and give the outfit that bit extra.

Have a blessed week, stay warm…or cool (we never know in the UK) & yes… You guessed it, stay savvy.