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What we’re wearing –

Akash : T Shirt by Arcanorum , Overcoat by ASOS , Trousers by ASOS , Fedora by All Saints

Naz : T Shirt by Arcanorum , Trousers by MonkeyGenes


If you follow our blog (which you should…) then you’ll be aware of the recent voyage we embarked upon, which was in the land of fashion and cheese.

We have so much to share with you, and if it isn’t regarding outfits then our blog posts will certainly be about what Isle de France has to offer.

This weeks blogpost had us doing something different. As you know we normally like to take a formal approach to our outfit choices, so it may surprise you to learn we have demonstrated a few casual outfits this time too.

Arcanorum is a contemporary fashion brand using British art and design on carefully considered original urban clothing. We strive to deliver artwork that is both provocative and stylish.”

“Specific attention has been paid to the shape and cut of our garments, we use materials that stand the test of time and achieve the comfort only the highest quality can provide. Our t shirts are 100% cotton in a loose weave to give a soft texture.

What you just read was a direct statement from the Company that made the T-shirts you see in the post. Undoubtedly the shirts are eye catching but most importantly the comfort of the garments essentially saved our lives. Fashion and outfits should simultaneously be comfortable because what you wear is often a projection of you. We sincerely suggest checking out their catalogue if you wish to infuse the best of art and clothing. |

On this particular adventure Palais du Royale was our prime destination. The area is like Africa, hidden gems everywhere!!! It is located in the 1st arrondissement, which is a great place to start your adventure in Paris. Although it’s a relatively small district, it’s also one of the oldest that Paris has and offers some of the city’s most beautiful parks . The 1st arrondissement is home to one of the worlds most famous museums, the Louvre, which we will be covering in another post.

Thanks again for your support, and we cant wait to show you the rest of the trip!

We Leave you with one final quote…

The mystery of mysteries, the ultimate secret that lies behind all astrology, alchemy, and magic. – Arcanorum

 Au Revoir…for now..