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What we’re wearing : AkashSuit by Next , NazSuit by Next

Our adventures bring us to the home of some of history’s most renown. Châteaux de Fontainebleau boasts a long history of names that reoccur in the greatest stories, Medici’s, King Henry II, a fair few King Louis and even Napoleon! If there are common traits between great men then undoubtedly the admiration for great art is a reoccurring theme.

Napoleon called the Châteaux “the true home of kings, the house of ages” and this testimony has survived the test of time because the whole thing (the gardens, courtyard, art, fountains etc etc etc) is the best sensory overload you’ve ever experienced.

If you have seen any of our previous blog posts then you’ll know that NEXT is one of our most favoured brands. Joint with the new suits they have that adopt a lighter toned, pastel-esquè look, we bring you this edition from France.

When your eyes wander at fabrics you see on a daily basis like ours do then you might have noticed a sudden increase in the amount of mint greens and light pinks heading your way. There is no doubt that by summer the majority of outfits you see day to day will incorporate these colours.

When putting our suits together we had two factors in mind, heat and diversification. It is profound how when choosing a shirt, monotone or stripe is the preferred option however, so much more can be done. The denim shirt separates the compilation of green in to layers giving the outfit more of a structured look whereas the pink is broken up by the low cut white vest. This assortment not only works but also reveals some skin to contrast the colour.

Thanks again for visiting! Next week we bring you Fontainebleau’s elder sibling, Versailles!