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What we’re wearing : AkashBlazer by Red Eleven , Trousers by ASOS, Tie by NEXT  | Naz – Jacket by Zara (similar) , Trousers by Pulp , Shoes by ASOS (similar)

Today we bring you Versailles and our contrasting outfits for the Chateaux that left Europe’s most powerful (and us) speechless.

The Sun King Louis XIV was no ordinary man, his reign was the longest of any European Monarch and the birthing difficulties his mother faced dubbed him as the ‘Divine Gift’. All we can tell you from our personal experiences is that this guy knew how to build Castles of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

Our outfits tend to work harmoniously (they do in this one too, it’s what we do) however, we wanted to bring you a post that incorporated formal and casual in a way fit for Versailles.

The formal outfit uses cream, white, and navy in an order that that stops blocks of colour dominating the outfit. Summer is fast approaching so combinations with dark colours and light mixtures is a must. The orange tie is focal for this outfit due to it encompassing the radiance of summer.

Can you walk round Versailles in a casual outfit? Well if you have a British passport or pay the entry fee then yes, you’re more than welcome too. The blue on the leather gives this particular jacket a very rich textured look, however simultaneous with the navy trousers this colour can get particularly blocky too so it was segmented using a white vest and Jeans. Upon wearing white trousers one should always remember the shoes you wear will undoubtedly be in the spotlight so suede was chosen due to it’s integration with the colour.

This is our last outfit post from Paris and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed this selection of three. Remember your feedback is always appreciated and be on the lookout for our Paris photo diary & travel guide next week!!