Paris Photo Diary

This post is summary of the multiple happenings that took place in Paris and around the outskirts. A Photo Diary is only necessary because there is only a finite amount of information that we can include in the outfit posts without it diverging in to a travel or lifestyle post….

If you’re planning your summer vacation or a weekend trip then Paris is just suited for that. The city it self is ginormous to be subtle, however a combination of easy access bikes and an astonishingly punctual metro system make your adventures just that bit easier.   

Here are few of the places that stood out for us and each with a roster of reasons that one should consider:

We’ll start with a place just outside of Paris. It’s called Versailles. It is best to visit here before 11am to avoid tourist crowds and long entrance queues. After you have scaled the length of the chateaux witnessing the best art the Renaissance had to offer (approx 2 hours) you end up in the Jardin. The gardens it self will take you the best part of a few hours so we highly recommend you hire one of the many available golf caddies to shorten the time spent walking. The royalty in Versailles liked gardens, that they most certainly did. The shear size of the place is bemusing yet captivating for all you can see is intricately designed gardens as far as the eye can see, no surprise why every hour you can see a small aircraft flying above doing a birds eye tour.

Montmartre & Notre dame were also highlights of our visit, if you enjoy archaic styling with the very best street food then the home of the hunchback is something you should feast your eyes upon. Montmartre is a really, really, big hill that nests a very impressive church, the Sacre Coeur. This is no ordinary hill however, intricate grass and tree work have been done to ensure this a popular tourist/local spot where people go to get a view over Paris and bask in the sun.

An hours train journey from the Gare du Lyon is the small town of Fontainebleau! Which, if you’ve been reading our posts, is the home of the Château de Fontainebleau. It is often called the Mini Versailles and so it should with similar art filled interiors and vast gardens. If you would like to read more about it you can visit our post on it here:

Finally, we ended our trip by visiting the Tour Mont-Parnasse which was one of the breath stealing predicaments that we did not expect, after a very short trip on the fastest elevator in Europe you’re greeted with a panoramic view that resembles the Eiffel Tower and could possibly give it a run for it’s euro’s. Tour Mont-Parnasse is great to do near the end of your trip because it puts in to perspective the shear length of ones travel. Kind of like a blogger pat on the back, with a glass of champagne overlooking everything….

Overall the locals seemed really pleasant and always helping one needing assistance. The signs for the metro and places of cuisine were simple enough also. We truly had a wonderful time here and it was overwhelming continuously because we got to see so many famous pieces of architecture, all in one place.

This post sums up our collection from Paris, within the next few weeks we have new material and a few collaborations for you so be on the look out!! Au Revoir!