The Wright Stuff

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What We’re Wearing : Akash – FEATURED: Shoes by Frank Wright , Jacket by ASOS ,T Shirt by Arcanorum , Fedora by All Saints

Naz – FEATURED: Shoes by Frank Wright , Shirt by NEXT , Trousers by NEXT

When shooting for this post, one interesting thought came to mind; blogging helps you discover what was previously unknown to you about your local amenities.

In  Fullwood (Sheffield ) there is a place that holds something of genius. Like engineering meeting nature in a flamenco that was pretty interesting to admire. The day was reminiscent to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 but only because the winds did shake buds… and every other thing around it. Fortunately the day was lovely for a walk in what is predominantly the countryside and here is where we wish to introduce you to our choice of shoes , Frank Wright. 

Selection is a must when you consider what truly makes a shoe company reliable & consistent in meeting your outfit needs.

We chose two different pairs of boots varying in material (suede & leather) to see how they would work with our outfits and the results were best pleasing. 

The boots blended with the environment and portrayed this modern/classic country look.

Might we add…. Thank God the shoes were comfy and supportive!!

If you wish to find a brand that can offer you refined style and quality in footwear then Frank Wright is a brand you need to check out!