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What we’re wearing: Akash – Suit by NEXT (similar) , Shirt by Zara

 Naz  – Skinny Jeans by NEXT , T Shirt by Blue Inc , Jacket (similar by NEXT)

Greetings everyone.

This time we bring you to London. ASG has ventured down not once, but twice this month and it’s really quite difficult to describe without it sounding like a fiction spun from the mind of the great J. R. R. Tolkien.

Before we take you through the outfits we feel you should be informed about a few things we have been working on, these include:

– Travel posts from around Europe

– Collaborations with bloggers so we can display women’s fashion, lifestyle & outfits to you simultaneously

& just some lunch with erm, famous bloggers. But, more on that later.

On the day of the shoot an event (#nextpressday) was taking place & we were personally invited. To showcase their (exquisite to say the least) winter line they held a runway show at the beautiful Waldorf Hilton Hotel.

For Women all we can say is faux fur is back and so are sequins. The pieces NEXT conjured up for women seemed to capture the essence of winter whilst maintaining narrow contours to simply hug the feminine figure.

Les Hommes can expect two level layers which is highly in fashion (*hint*hint on this post too) and tone on tone colour combinations. If colour is your focus then think of the darker end of the palette with occasional offerings of jewel shades. One thing that became apparent to us is NEXT has done wonderful craftsmanship with their design of roll neck sweaters and fur trims. It almost became a frenzy of “I’m having that one” between us.

However, all this inspiration coming from the creativity of the new line gave us food for thought…. Why not represent what we do but with predominantly NEXT Clothing & show the diversity of the brand?

You may have noticed a certain spike in the number of men with long hair and large amounts of facial hair (grooming posts soon too if you’d like), this folks is something known as Bohemian style and it’s very much in this season. Floral patterns has roots to the 80’s and dark tones from the linen suit help the detail within the shirt pop (if you will).

Now, oversized and uber fits have always been astonishing because they works so well. Truly it is liberating to be able to walk freely in clothing and feel so comfortable. The oversized shirt has patterns & with wearing block colours it is a nice visual cue to show the length of the shirt, so add suede and watch the whole outfit suddenly click together like a puzzle.

If you remember not too long a go our posts were minimal and content was hard to come by, as of recently we have been doing so well and some form of gratitude has to come in the direction of the readers. A few posts in and it is already a big year for us and we plan to excel exponentially, so stay tuned!