Venice – The Floating City

Ciao from Italia again. If you’ve been keeping up to date with our blog then you will undoubtedly know that traveling has been an integral part of our journey so far. The reason for this being that ASG has been inspired to touch corners in the most beautiful parts of the world, whilst wearing the best of high street garments, of course.

The city of water was the latest destination in our traveling journey, and for those of you unfamiliar with this term, we welcome you to Venice.

Upon arrival the initial objective was to explore this profound and unique city. If you aren’t already aware, Venice is currently sinking. Experts say the city will be underwater by the end of the century. The thought of losing this little haven of romance, enchantment & family tradition is somewhat upsetting, especially when you actually observe the beauty of the city for what it is.

Day 1 –

The excitement of being in a place that is so incremental in movies and history was amazing. Initially just taking in the sight and smelling the air of such a distant place to home took about an hour. No honestly it took an hour.

I had to get accustomed to the Vaporettos (water taxis) because being in a city on water, the only way is to travel is of course, by boat. I must advise readers, due to the travel system being a monopoly trade route, I suggest walking wherever you can such as central Venice, and only using the water taxi when you need too. Feel free to do as you wish but when taxi prices average €20 a day, it can really add up.

After taking photos of St. Mark’s square (San Marco) I studied the amenities of the surrounding area. It turns out that feeding the birds here is officially illegal unless you have fairly purchased seeds from the street tradesman. Obviously ASG would never condone undermining legalities within a city, but sometimes just like us, the birds gotta eat.

Day 2 –

Murano was the first Island I visited that day, for which it is essential to use the Vaporettos as transport. The island is well known for being skilled in the art of glass making. When I actually watched the process I was intrigued at the skill and craftsmanship it took, furthermore I also learned that it was a family business which explained the pride the craftsman had in their work.

There is no doubt in my mind that these handmade pieces would captivate the masses, so my advice for the wise would be to buy it from the factory because second hand vendors will try to make their profit from you nonetheless.

The second destination for the day was Burano, by far one of my most favorite things about this trip. I felt mesmerised when I witnessed a mini colony of coloured homes, it looked as if blocks of colour appeared straight out of the water and cast their reflection all around to create one of the most impressive cases of visual stimuli I have ever seen.

Day 3 –

I used this day to visit the 4 main museums in St. Marks square. You can expect to find a combination of architecture working in unison with art (as the Italians always do) and long queues so try to be wise, and avoid mid afternoon because the only thing you shall witness is lines of people with cameras and hats to avoid sun stroke.

Something new I came across that day was Moeche, which is essentially skin- shedding baby crabs… certainly a delicacy however the taste is subjective to put it as nicely as possible. However the restaurant Allla Madona was grand and captivated the surroundings.

We hope you enjoyed the photos Akash took whilst visiting Venice. Travelling isn’t just an experience where only see things, and one thing learned from this trip was that the eloquence of this phenomenal city was only discovered once Akash got lost. Through the narrow streets and multiple bridges throughout the city, new pathways led to ever more amazing discoveries that made this trip feel like a relationship, and now we know where the love connotations for Venice come from.

Might we add, compliments to Elsie Anne Dineen (something of a literary specialist) who helped us refine this post.

Remember Venice is romantic in the sun yet soulful in the rain so whatever the circumstance… poetry in motion is always around you.

Stay blessed, indulge in your senses and until next time folks.