Lago Di Garda, Malcesine

On our first series of posts from Italia we did say ‘there is a certain promise in the air of our prompt return’ (3 times in 10 months…) and here at ASG we would like to present to you Lake Garda. Not only is this Italy’s largest lake but it’s the by-product of the last ice age, a divine relic in its own right.

So let’s get to it:

Day 1 –

When reaching Malcesine a certain familiarity had to be acquired because let’s face it, what good is adventure if you can’t even locate the general direction where you started from? I’m sure you can imagine after hours of flying it was a pleasure to have the Mediterranean wind caress your skin and see such blue water up close! A delight I hadn’t quite planned on was the time of my arrival, as I gazed endlessly in to the valley my eyes were greeted to possibly one of the best sunsets one can EVER see! *Rushes to get Camera out*

Monte Baldo was particularly interesting to see because I planned to go paragliding the next morning and when realising how truly ginormous this piece of rock was, adrenaline, fear and excitement rushed through my veins. Definitely more fear than excitement as i’m afraid of heights…

Day 2 –

To get to the top of Baldo, you have to take a 20 minute Gondola ride. It combines the best of the scenery and ambient travel.

So, I met the 1700m giant face to face and I suppose walking/hiking would’ve been fun but the cable car caught my eyes and it was only then I realised Lake Garda is a really big place with lots to see so it’s best to be time efficient.

Look, I’m not a wimp, it was hot and that much walking on an empty stomach was probably not a very good idea…

If there is one suggestion we make to you about Lago Di Garda it most certainly has to be Paragliding. Lasting approximately 30 minutes the flight was simply breath-taking and an overload for your senses. Even though there is an expert attached to the Paraglider to ensure your safety after a while you forget and just get lost at how spectacular nature can be. The price of this experience was €130, this includes a pass up to the mountain which normally costs €20, you get to skip the long queues and you also get a memory card which contains a video of your flight! Did i forget to mention that? so all in all, I believe this price to be worth it.

The rest of the day was taken up by eating gelato & visiting the Malcesine Castle (Castello as the natives call it), if any aspiring or veteran photographers are reading take note that this is THE place you need to go to because it provides a panoramic view of the lake & Old Town.

Day 3 –

I dressed accordingly, prepped myself with plenty of water and made my way back to the top of Monte Baldo. It was pretty rewarding to do so because as you escalate upwards and take breaks along the way to catch your footing, the perspective of what you left behind you changes ever so slowly.

If you’ve read any of our previous posts on Italy then we don’t need to tell you we are connoisseurs of Italian cuisine so we shall let your imagination provide the rest for you there.

Malcesine is only one of several towns located around Garda but due to time restrictions I didn’t get to explore them completely so rest assured that ASG will return.

It has been just over a year since the official start of our blog. You always hear in great novels & tales about how the journey is the reward so if we subtract the hours of flying, researching and dwelling somewhat with regards to what we bring you next…  This voyage of ours has truly been a pleasure. Thank you.

Our next blog post will take us deep in to Asia and after that our focus will centre once more on blogging Fashion. Winter is here so layers are out!!

Keep warm not cool because nobody enjoys catching a cold & stay blessed.