ASG Promo By Ben Porter


Photos taken by Mike Smith (

Instagram – atter.cliffe

A few months ago I worked with an old school friend to produce a promo video for my blog. I’ve been teasing a few snippets since then and now I can finally show you the full video that Ben has produced, but first I’m going to let Ben tell you more about himself and his film making: 

“I’m Ben, I’m a freelance filmmaker from York, specialising in short-form culture and lifestyle films.

I’ve been making home videos with friends since I was little, but never really thought about film and video as a career until I turned 21, when I started a project which involved me needing to interview a bunch of people and create interesting content that would drive an audience to my website. I began capturing events around my city and interviewed the people that ran them, people that came to them, and anyone involved in something creative or cultural in York. I put myself on a tight deadline, producing something every week, and over the course of a year taught myself the basics of documentary filmmaking. Since then I’ve worked on a range of different projects for various companies and non-profits, as well as a couple of music videos and theatre trailers, which are always fun!

Looking to the future I’m trying to work my way up to working with larger brands and PR agencies, as well as expanding my portfolio in the areas of music and fashion. Working with Akash on the A Savvy Gent promotional video was great as we got to put the two together and sculpt a story through the streets of Sheffield to go with an original soundtrack, composed by Leeds based Josh Latham of Recount Archives specifically for this project.”

If you’re interested in working with Ben or like to see more of his work then head over to his space:




I’m really pleased with how the video turned out, we hope you like it and let us know what you think!

On a side note, I will be continuing with my Japan series and hopefully updating my Tokyo & Kyoto posts with written guides soon. Thanks for visiting!