#PickingTeams by Audi


When two global brands come together, it usually is a site to behold. Now get a bowl & throw in a healthy dose of the worlds most favoured sport… what do you get?

A campaign by Audi & Bayern Munich!

In the video we can see that Thiago & Boateng are put against club colleagues Ribery & Vidal in a challenge to scout for teammates for a 5-a-side football match. The video was shot in NYC, although the German automobiles glided through the spacious streets of the big Apple with ease, it seemed the footballers needed the assistance of Audi’s new online network system, Audi Connect, to find suitable players. 


We have had such an exciting year of Fußball, & fun campaigns such as this keeps the drama and excitement of it all alive.

Now that got me thinking, after seeing the spoils of a super long footballing season in Europe, who would be in my 5 aside if I was #pickingteams:

Goalkeeper Gelsenkirchen’s finest, Mr. Manuel Neuer. Easily the safest hands in football without a doubt.

Defence– Sergio Ramos & David Luiz. 5 aside can be quite physical at times, why not have warriors of the shin combat world, right?

Midfield– Riyad Mahrez, accompanied by the worlds most expensive… Pogba! These two complete footballers (if I might say so myself) have lit up the pitch in their own rights & would dominate indefinitely on a pitch consisting of 10 players. 

Striker – This one took some thinking and a mad spree of top 10 goals on YouTube. After a gruelling pick between BBC vs. MSN (Bale, Benzema & Cristiano/Messi, Suarez & Neymar)… it had to be Suarez. On stats alone this man is the finest Barcelona striker (EVER), but as a whole, the most versatile forward.

Five aside football needs players who can switch roles, handle physical interaction and most importantly, create a difference.