REVIEW: Dracula, Escape The Castle


At a time when I was pondering about the content in my blog I got an email, it was an invite to a new up & coming show so naturally the inner blogger in me was set to explore.

I’ve been wanting to do some lifestyle posts for a while now & come on… it doesn’t get better than being asked to review a new games show.

‘Dracula, Escape The Castle’ is a game show in which groups partake in a series of challenges which must be completed in a certain timeframe. Finish the task early and get bonus seconds for the final round, fail to do so and face a penalty.

When my friend and I arrived at the location (House of Detention, London) we knew instantly that we in for an experience. As we approached the entrance people dressed (rather impressively) as reapers? (cloaks?) ‘greeted’ us, which set the tone instantly. First impressions do count guys.

Now naturally in the 21st century no experience is truly enjoyable unless you sign a waiver, so without reading, because nobody ever does, I signed and we were in.

I suppose if there were cameras recording me as there will be in the show, the first thing you’ll most likely notice is circular head movements from the participants because the decor was BANG ON. I had just stepped out of London & (it would seem) in to Bram Stoker’s concept of home designs. Impressive nonetheless.


The Challenges

We were put in to groups and led by one of the ‘cloaks’, fancy term for grim reaper. The cloaks did have some interesting form of communication, a bang with his/her/cloaker’s staff meant a firm no, two bangs and it was a yes. Multiple bangs with no rhythm nor warning meant we were doing something we were not meant to be and should stop.   

The first challenge involved stacking sphere groups on top of one another with relation to the symbol printed on them, if the symbols match the ones on the skull at the end of the tunnel, you’d pass the challenge. Safe to say our group failed straight away..

*keeps chin up and moves along to the next challenge*

For the second challenge imagine a room with an organ (more musical, less vital necessities) and a coffin… as we entered this room the cloak pointed toward the coffin, as I avoided eye contact like a ninja, a fellow blogger by the name of Jordan had volunteered to step in. Phew. Hate coffins. The rest of us got directed in to another room where cubes with letters on them had to be made in to a word of some sort. Shame none of the cubes spelt fail because yet again that was our result for this challenge, sigh.


Now the third challenge was, as the kids say, ‘hella creepy’. The room looked like a vague rendition of what a party thrown by the infamous Chucky would be. There were scary dolls scattered everywhere and a girl dressed as a ghost crying, seeking her doll that she had lost. We were given clues on features of the doll so we made hasty progress trying to find it, all of a sudden the girl screamed and a gust of wind rushed in to the room, safe to say everybody’s heart skipped a beat. But on lighter news, I found the correct doll!!!

The last challenge involved us changing in to lab coats and putting on plastic gloves. By now, I knew I was in for a definitive surprise so I held my breath in anticipation… the breath holding didn’t disappoint. We were led in to a room with dangling body parts and in true Dracula fashion, a mad scientist. The aim of this challenge was to get a key out of a jar but it needed the appliance of syringes and other equipment. I suppose we wouldn’t have failed the task if the scientist hadn’t been randomly making our lives so much more difficult with his props of choice, decapitated limbs.

All in all, the experience was fantastic. I’m so impressed at the level of design, thought and effort that has gone in to creating this game show and the results speak for itself.

Apologies for the lack of photos as we only had 7 minutes per challenge. All the more reason to watch it on TV! So if on Sunday night you want to watch people get scared, flustered and disoriented… punch in 564 on your sky remote and tune in to Insight TV at 10pm to watch the first episode of Dracula, Escape The Castle and then every Sunday after that. If you dont happen to have Sky, you can watch it on demand, on, for free.